Sabun Co. was founded with the idea of blending the aromatherapy with everyday soap bars and evolved into a natural beauty and cosmetics brand. We strive to create the most natural skincare and beauty products for you and get you #naturallylavished. 

Let's take a quick look at how we are different and why #naturallylavish;



  • The majority of high-street stores sell simple, commercial soaps containing chemicals, lye and other ingredients sourced from animals.
  • At Sabun Co., we only use natural vegetable glycerin and that makes the base of all our soap bars vegan.
  • Natural glycerin can be derived either from animal fats or fruits. We only use natural vegetable glycerin derived specifically from pears and apples. 
  • The very natural vegetable glycerin is our key ingredient, which allows the usage on face, body and hair, as it automatically adjusts to your own personal pH levels and balances your skin's sebum.




  • Exclusive, high-grade, luxurious essential oils are carefully blended in the Sabun Co. formulas. Not only the quality of the essential oils, but how they are mixed and with what ratio plays a crucial role in the soap making. Our essential oils are sourced epidemically and seasonally when possible. This also makes each of our bars delightfully unique in scent as the plants, flowers and herbs grow differently throughout the year.



  • The usage of loofah (also referred to as loofa, luffa, natural sponge) is not new and has been around for centuries. However, most soap makers use a form of sea sponge which can be harsh on the skin as it is not as soft in texture as the natural gourd loofah/luffa. It is simply the fibers of the plant, taken out as whole, carefully sliced and incorporated towards the end of the cooling period into each and every natural soap bar we handcraft.



  • Most soap makers use big, bulk molds to craft their soaps and slice them afterwards. We use individual molds, so each bar gets all the attention and passion we have to offer and to be genuinely handcrafted.
  • As a natural consequence of the handcrafting process we have in place, we almost do not produce any waste, all of our leftover ingredients get to be used in the next batch.



  • We do not use SLES, SLS, parabens and other commonly used toxic ingredients by the commercial soap makers.
  • We use a clear wrap for our bars that is made with BOPP ( Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene Packaging) and they are fully recyclable.
  • We only use biodegradable shipping peanuts and fully recyclable carton boxes and tissue papers for our shipping and packaging.