How Beneficial Is Cinnamon For Your Skin?

January 27 2021

"Even more than a memory enhancer, cinnamon oil and sticks have been shown to be an incredible herb that can aid many common ailments."

"Even more than a memory enhancer, cinnamon oil and sticks have been shown to be an incredible herb that can aid many common ailments."

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From baking during the holidays to eating delicious cinnamon bun treats as a child, the sweet and spicy scent of cinnamon brings back many happy memories for most individuals. Even more than a memory enhancer, cinnamon oil and sticks have been shown to be an incredible herb that can aid many common ailments, such as managing blood sugar levels, controlling the rate and spread of communal infections, improving memory and preventing hair loss. Along with these enhancing characteristics, cinnamon oil is incredibly beneficial to use on your skin! That’s precisely why we harness the healing properties of cinnamon and infuse our “Cinnema” bar with it.


"We harness the healing properties of cinnamon and infuse our “Cinnema” bar with it."


The Health And Skin Benefits Of Cinnamon


Cinnamon sticks and extract have been being used as a healthy and beneficial skin serum for centuries, first stemming from Chinese and Indian cultures. One of the most important benefits they had discovered years ago was cinnamon’s vivacious role in maintaining healthy and vibrant skin, while aiding in remediating particular skin related infections and illnesses. Such helpful characteristics are still truthful to this day and cinnamon is definitely  a must-have both in your kitchen and your skin care routine! Some of the main health and skin benefits that cinnamon oil offers us are: 


  • Purifies And Exfoliates Your Scalp 

Cinnamon extract is a terrific tonic, when used on the scalp. In order to get the most out of the oil, massage it onto your scalp and leave it on for a total of 15 minutes, before rinsing it the same way you would rinse shampoo out of your hair. By massaging cinnamon oil onto your head, your scalp will be thoroughly exfoliated, providing a nourishing effect on your hair follicles and scalp as a whole!


  • Management And Healing Effects For Eczema 

Eczema is a great challenge for so many of us; it is known as a quite common condition where a person’s skin becomes extremely irritated and inflamed, creating a rash of great magnitude on the skin. Utilizing skin products generated from cinnamon oil can help to alleviate the common irritation and pain that can stem from eczema.


  • Acne Treatment 

Cinnamon oil and cinnamon sticks have been shown to help millions of people, when their skin goes through periods of troublesome acne breakouts and pimples! Cinnamon oil can revive the skin and fundamentally erase acne marks by unclogging the pores and stimulating the blood flow on the surface of your skin. Talk about major skin rejuvenation! 


  • Antiseptic Use

Cinnamon extract has incredible antiseptic and disinfectant properties! If you have an open cut or exposed injury, applying cinnamon oil to this wound will rapidly annihilate and completely obliterate the bacteria within the wound. This disinfecting progression will be able to heal your cuts and wounds at an extremely rapid rate, helping you achieve a healthy and more balanced state overall!


  • Diminish Common Signs Of Aging 

When people use products that have been made with cinnamon oil, they are helping their skin to resemble a younger and fresher appearance! By applying cinnamon based products on wrinkled skin, collagen levels are drastically increased for up to six hours after application! Collagen proteins hiding within your skin are responsible for keeping your skin tightly intact, giving off a youthful and radiant glow to your skin. These findings conclude that using cinnamon extract can positively affect your lively and young appearance! 


  • Will Greatly Improve Your Skin Complexion 

One other key benefit to using cinnamon oil on your skin is that it will assist in enriching your skin’s complexion! Cinnamon is a highly beneficial herb that is used to fight specific skin infections, such as eczema, which ultimately hinders skin quality and complexion. By utilizing products made from cinnamon oil one can reveal a more balanced and toned complexion!

Cinnamon oil has a wide variety of health and beauty benefits! Cinnamon is an overall strong and durable spice that has a multitude of positive benefits for individuals of any age and background, including antibacterial and antifungal characteristics. Sabun Co.’s products are made from only the finest spices and herbs, supporting the reason why cinnamon is one of the essential oils we feature, which is used in our Cinnema - Cinnamon Oil Natural Vegan Soap Bar.


"Cinnema - Cinnamon Oil Natural Vegan Soap Bar"

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